Yellowtec PUC2 Lite
Yellowtec PUC2 Lite
Yellowtec PUC2 Lite

Yellowtec PUC2 Lite


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Yellowtec PUC2 Lite  USB Audio Interface

SCOPE OF DELIVERY (according to your choices)

  PUC2 Lite USB Audio Interface
  Dual USB Cable (Y-Cable)
  PUC2 Configuration Software
  PUC2 Briefing Book


 ✓  High-definition USB Audio Interface to optimize your audio quality

✓  Same feature set as PUC2 Line but on a purely digital platform
 ✓  Budget-friendly option if analog connectivity is not required
 ✓  Plug'n'play concept allows for fast handling

✓  Delivers highest available audio standards
 ✓  192kHz sample rate at 24-bit word-lengths
 ✓  Dynamic range of 114dB

 ✓  Fully USB-powered (USB-2.0 Type B)
 ✓  Digital inputs + outputs
 NO analog inputs + outputs
 ✓  AES-3 input + output on XLR

 ✓  3.5mm socket to configure zero-latency monitoring
 ✓  ASIO driver for advanced operators

 ✓  Sturdy aluminum unibody serves as a conductor + heat sink

 ✓  Dimensions: 18.5 x 12.7 x 4.5cm  |  Weight: 0.6kg
  ✓  An optional PSU is available to power PUC2 Lite
      ↪ PUC2 Wall Charger

If you need digital connectivity only, choose PUC2 Lite as a budget-friendly but high-class interfacing solution. It is the best choice for application fields that don’t require analog connectivity. Providing the same feature set as the PUC2 Line version, PUC2 Lite serves as a purely digital platform.

PUC2 Lite comes as a high-definition USB audio interface with professional digital inputs and outputs. It provides you with highest available audio standards up to 192kHz sample rate at 24-bit word-lengths with a sensational dynamic range of 114dB. The plug'n'play concept allows fast handling plus the optional use of our ASIO driver for advanced operators.

PUC2’s Zero Latency Monitoring allows you to monitor your audio signal in real-time. Choose between listening to the input signal, or the return path arriving via USB. For further monitoring convenience, an AUX output lets you connect a pair of headphones for a quick and easy audio signal check.

The computer connection panel features AES-3 inputs and outputs on XLRs, along with an USB port and a 3.5mm socket to configure zero latency monitoring modes. Since PUC2 is USB-powered, there is no bulky power supply and there are fewer cables to connect.

Available PUC2 Lite Model

✓ YT4240   PUC2 Lite

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