Yellowtec MIKA Yellow Spacer (10x)

Yellowtec MIKA Yellow Spacer (10x)


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Yellowtec MIKA Yellow Spacer (10x)

SCOPE OF DELIVERY (according to your choices)

✓  10x m!ka Yellow Spacer (Polybag)


✓  Spare parts

✓  Ensures acoustic and mechanical decoupling
✓  Secures seamless integration + fluid movements of m!ka Arms

✓  ø 51mm (according to all adapters + m!ka System Poles)

✓  Perfectly fits all mounting adapters + any m!ka Sytem Pole
❗ Make sure that each mounting device has a Yellow Spacer installed

✓  Needed to mount m!ka Mic Arms and m!ka EasyLift
✓  Needed to make use if all mounting adapters (except Bushing)
✓  Dimensions (packaging): 19 x 12.5 x 3cm
  |  Weight: 0.06kg

✓  Sturdy yellow plastic construction


m!ka Yellow Spacer serves as a bumper between m!ka Arm and the various mounting devices. It secures smooth changes in the position of your m!ka Arms. Therefore, please make sure that each mounting adapter for m!ka Mic Arms and m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arms has a Yellow Spacer installed. When placing a m!ka Arm on top of your m!ka System Pole, you also need to use a Yellow Spacer in between. No Yellow Spacer will be needed when using the m!ka Bushing.

As spare parts, m!ka Plastic Sleeves come in a polybag including 10 pieces. When ordering one of the mounting adapters for m!ka Arms or a m!ka System Pole Desktop Mounting Kit, there is already one m!ka Yellow Spacer included.

Available MIKA Yellow Spacer (10x) Model

✓ YT3246  MIKA Yellow Spacer (10x)