Yellowtec MIKA System Wall Adapter

Yellowtec MIKA System Wall Adapter


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Yellowtec MIKA System Wall Adapter

SCOPE OF DELIVERY (according to your choices)
✓  Mika System Wall Adapter aluminum
✓  2x screws + anchor plugs for fixation to m!ka System Wall
✓  Yellow Spacer


✓  Adapter to mount m!ka elements to a m!ka System Wall
✓  To be mounted to one of the System Wall’s grooves
✓  Robust die-cast aluminum

✓  Color: aluminum
✓  Dimensions (packaging): 11 x 9 x 7cm  |  Weight: 0.49kg

❗To mount each m!ka element you need one adapter!
 ✓  Compatible with m!ka Microphone Arms
❗Not compatible with m!ka Mic Arm TV
 ✓  Compatible with m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arms
❗  Not compatible with standard m!ka Monitor Arms.
❗  Not suitable to be mounted to your room’s walls/surfaces
 ↪  Therefore, please use a  m!ka Wall Bracket YT3214


The m!ka System Wall Adapter is necessary to mount m!ka Microphone Arms or m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arms to your m!ka System Wall. Fix the m!ka System Wall Adapter directly to a m!ka System Wall  of your choice by placing it inside one of your System Wall’s grooves.

Simply insert the two anchor plugs into one of the grooves and use the two screws for proper fixation of your m!ka System Wall Adapter. Afterwards, place the Yellow Spacer on top of the adapter and easily slide-in a m!ka Mic Arm or Monitor Arm of your choice.

Please mind that you will need one m!ka System Wall Adapter for every single m!ka element that you want to fix to your m!ka System Wall.

Available MIKA System Wall Adapter Models
✓ YT3295    System Wall Adapter aluminium