Yellowtec MIKA System Wall
Yellowtec MIKA System Wall
Yellowtec MIKA System Wall
Yellowtec MIKA System Wall

Yellowtec MIKA System Wall


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Yellowtec MIKA System Wall

SCOPE OF DELIVERY (according to your choices)
✓  Mika System Wall aluminum ( S / M / L)
✓  Mika Briefing Book


✓  Horizontal attachment spot for individual m!ka arrangements
✓  Two full-length grooves to affix m!ka elements
✓  Color: aluminum
✓  Available Sizes:

S: Length: 80cm / 31.5” – Weight: 1.41kg

M: Length: 100cm / 39.4” – Weight: 1.82kg

L: Length: 120cm / 47.3” – Weight: 2.21kg

❗ To be mounted between two m!ka Poles of your choice!
❗ 1x m!ka System Wall Adapter needed to mount each element!
 ✓  Compatible with m!ka Microphone Arms
❗  Not compatible with m!ka Mic Arm TV

✓  Compatible with m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arms
 Not compatible with standard m!ka Monitor Arms
 ✓  Sturdy silk-mat anodized aluminum construction

 ✓  Renowned German craftsmanship


The Mika System Wall is designed as a horizontal attachment point for various m!ka elements. Fixed between two m!ka Poles, each m!ka System Wall suits as a connection between them. Thanks to its two horizontal grooves, the m!ka System Wall is capable of holding various m!ka Microphone Arms, m!ka Studiolights and m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arms.

To mount m!ka elements you need a m!ka System Wall Adapter. One adapter is needed for each m!ka element that you want to mount to your m!ka System Wall. The number of items which can be mounted next to each other is restricted by the size of the m!ka System Wall of your choice. m!ka Monitor Arms and m!ka Mic Arm TV are not compatible with m!ka System Walls. Please mount them to m!ka Poles!

Available MIKA System Wall Models
✓ YT3290    System Wall S 80cm
✓ YT3291     System Wall M 100cm
✓ YT3292     System Wall L 120cm