Yellowtec MIKA Set 7 : Triple XL Monitor + Single Mic Set
Yellowtec MIKA Set 7 : Triple XL Monitor + Single Mic Set
Yellowtec MIKA Set 7 : Triple XL Monitor + Single Mic Set

Yellowtec MIKA Set 7 : Triple XL Monitor + Single Mic Set


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Yellowtec MIKA Set 7 : Triple XL Monitor + Single Mic Set

SCOPE OF DELIVERY (according to your choices)

✓  1x m!ka Mic Arm  On Air   ↪ Details
✓  2x 
m!ka Monitor Arm XL  ↪ Details
✓  1x m!ka Monitor Arm XS  ↪ Details

✓  m!ka System Pole M 21.5" (54.5cm)  ↪ Details
✓  m!ka System Pole Desktop Mounting Kit  ↪ Details

✓  m!ka Briefing Book

 ✓  Combination of multiple m!ka articles
 ✓  Create a setup that integrates 2 monitors + 1 microphone
 ✓  Available colors: aluminum/black

 ✓  Integrate 3 monitors with max. 24” each
 ✓  Integrate 2 monitors with max 10kg + 1 with max. 15kg
 ✓  Dual-color (red/white)  On Air  indicator on m!ka Mic Arm

 ✓  Mounted XLR-connectors to connect your mic (max. 1.5kg) right away
 ✓  Includes a m!ka Pole Desktop Mounting Kit for desk mounting
 ✓  Durable silk-mat anodized aluminum construction

 ✓  Renowned German craftsmanship
 ✓  Feel free to add additional m!ka elements separately
 ✓  Various alternative mounting options are available

❗ Please add your own monitors + microphone. They are not included.


As a package option, m!ka Sets facilitate the combination of multiple m!ka elements. m!ka Set 7 covers all the m!ka parts you need to integrate two monitors and one microphone into your setup. The m!ka Triple XL Monitor + Single Mic Set creates the ideal conditions to easily attach three monitors via VESA75/ VESA100 mount and QuickFix. With m!ka Set 7 you can place two monitors with up to 24” max each next to each other. The m!ka Mic Arm On Air is equipped with mounted XLR-3 and XLR-5 connectors. You can connect your microphone right away without any further cable adjustments.

m!ka Monitor Arms
 ✓  QuickFix Adapter + VESA75/100 for easy + safe monitor fixation

 ✓  Pre-installed hook-in insert rail for fixation on m!ka Pole
 ✓  Mount your preferred monitors with up to 15kg + 18” each

1x m!ka Monitor Arms XS:
 ✓  Max. monitor weight: 15kg  |  Max. range: 10.5cm (4.13”)
2x m!ka Monitor Arms XL:
 ✓  Max. monitor weight: 10kg  |  Max. range: 70.5cm (27.76”)

m!ka Mic Arm  On Air  M:
 ✓  Max. range: 53.5cm  |  Max. mic weight: 1.5kg
 ✓  Dual-color (red/white)  On Air  indicator to signalize mic statuses
 ✓  Adjustable friction joints to balance the arm with your mic

Mounted XLR-3 + XLR-5 connectors to m!ka Mic Arm  On Air  M:

 ✓  Mounted XLR-3 for mic signal on the lower end of the cable
 ✓  Mounted XLR-5 for mic signal + on air indicator on the upper end

m!ka System Pole M:

 ✓  Height: 54.5cm (21.5”)   |   ø 51mm
 ✓  m!ka Monitor Arms can be fixed at your preferred height of the pole
 ✓  Internal steal thread at the bottom for pole mounting to your desk

m!ka System Pole Desktop Mounting Kit:

 ✓  Suitable panel thickness: max. 50mm

Available Models of MIKA Set 7 : Triple XL Monitor + Single Mic Set

✓ YT3416   m!ka Set 7 aluminum
✓ YT3846   m!ka Set 7 black