Yellowtec MIKA Pad Dock
Yellowtec MIKA Pad Dock
Yellowtec MIKA Pad Dock
Yellowtec MIKA Pad Dock

Yellowtec MIKA Pad Dock


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Yellowtec MIKA Pad-Dock

SCOPE OF DELIVERY (according to your choices)

✓  m!ka Pad-Dock with extendable brackets

✓  QuickFix Adapter fits any m!ka Monitor Arm
✓  m!ka Briefing Book

✓  Smart holder for tablet devices
✓  Allows for fast + easy attachment/detachment of tablets
✓  Holds tablet in landscape or upright orientation
✓  Suitable for tablet devices with a side length of 16-30cm
✓  Extendable brackets adapt to the size of your tablet computer
❗To be used with a m!ka Monitor Arm of your choice
❗Recommended to be used with the m!ka Monitor Arm SL
✓  Equipped with QuickFix Adapter for safe + easy fixation
✓  Allows for quick changes in position
✓  Dimensions (packaging): 23 x 16 x 5cm  |  Weight: 0.43kg
✓  Sturdy dark grey plastic construction
✓  Renowned German craftsmanship 


Choose a m!ka Pad-Dock to add a tablet device to your m!ka setup. By adapting to individual sizes, m!ka Pad-Dock securely fastens your tablet device and gives it the characteristic of an inherent part of your studio. Achieve all this without every giving up the benefits of a mobile device. Easily detach your tablet device from the brackets whenever you want to take it with you.

With m!ka Pad-Dock you can securely fasten your tablet computer. Make it an essential part of your working area in the wink of an eye. Simply choose your favored m!ka Monitor Arm and attach m!ka Pad-Dock to your m!ka studio setup via QuickFix. In order to hold the tablet properly, its side length needs to be 16-30cm. Tablets will fit at both landscape and upright orientation.

Available MIKA  Pad-Dock Model

✓ YT3275  MIKA Pad-Dock