Yellowtec MIKA Hush Bundle
Yellowtec MIKA Hush Bundle
Yellowtec MIKA Hush Bundle
Yellowtec MIKA Hush Bundle
Yellowtec MIKA Hush Bundle
Yellowtec MIKA Hush Bundle
Yellowtec MIKA Hush Bundle

Yellowtec MIKA Hush Bundle


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Yellowtec MIKA Hush Bundle

✓  YT3903 hush OnAir Controller
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  Mika Mic Arm M  OnAir  (aluminum YT3205-XLR / black YT3605-XLR )
     with OnAir LED, with installed XLR-connectors
  YT3210 Mika Table Clamp

 ✓  Whole-in-one package to control the m!ka Mic Arm's OnAir LED via DAW
 ✓  Plug'n'play concept for mic arm's XLR-5 allows for fast redlight handling
 ✓  Directly control the mic arm's LED indicator via your DAW's record button
 ✓  Mika Mic Arm with dual-color  On Air  indicator for mic statuses

 ✓  Max. range mic arm: 78.7cm / 31”  |  Weight: 1.04kg
 ✓  5/8" thread to attach your microphone

 ✓  Available colors: aluminum / black

 ✓  Supports microphones with up to 1.5kg
❗ In extreme positions max. load may differ
✓  Mika Table Clamp is included to attach the mic arm to your desk

 ✓  hush makes the Mika  On Air  indicator ready for your DAW
 ✓  Easily integrate hush with most common DAWs via USB-MIDI

 ✓  Audio signal is let through unprocessed (no preamp!)

 ✓  Dimensions hush: 18.5 x 12.7 x 4.5cm  |  Weight: 0.5kg


The m!ka hush Bundle is the complete package at an unbeatable price. It gets you a m!ka Mic Arm with OnAir LED, a m!ka Table Clamp to affix the mic arm and a hush OnAir Controller to control the arm's redlight indicator. Thus, it gets you all you need to get started with your voice recording or streaming via DAW. Directly attach your mic to the arm. Then use the included m!ka Table Clamp to fit the arm to your desk. After that, connect hush to your DAW via USB-MIDI. Whenever you press record in your DAW, your m!ka Mic Arms LED OnAir indicator will immediately show that you are OnAir. 

hush makes your m!ka Mic Arm OnAir ready for your DAW. As a convenient controller for your OnAir signaling, it lets you easily control your OnAir indicator's LED signals. Its plug'n'play concept allows fast handling. Made for m!ka, hush perfectly fits the XLR-5 connector of your m!ka Mic Arm OnAir's cable. Simply plug'n'play! You're instantly in control of your redlight signal. Your mic signal is looped through unprocessed. If you are looking for OnAir control with preamp and mute function, please check out the hush+ OnAir Controller.

Available Hush Bundle Models

 YT3470 Mika hush Bundle aluminum
 YT3870 Mika hush Bundle black