Yellowtec MIKA CamArm
Yellowtec MIKA CamArm
Yellowtec MIKA CamArm
Yellowtec MIKA CamArm
Yellowtec MIKA CamArm

Yellowtec MIKA CamArm


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Yellowtec MIKA CamArm

SCOPE OF DELIVERY (according to your choices)
✓  Mika CamArm(aluminum/black | with  OnAir  signal only)
✓  2x cable clamps to attach your camera's cable to the arm
✓  Internal wiring (open cable ends/mounted XLR-5 on lower end)

✓  Insertion sting to fit various mounting adapters

✓  Mika Plastic Sleeve attached to the sting

✓  Mika Briefing Book

✓  Max. range: 78.7cm / 31”  |  Weight: 1.04kg
 ✓  5/8" thread to attach your camera via Mika CamStud
 ✓  Available colors: aluminum / black

 ✓  Supports cameras with up to 1.5kg
❗ In extreme positions max. load may differ
 ✓  Adjustable friction joints to balance the arm with mic weight

 ✓  Internally located wiring concealed by tubes and joints

 ✓  Durable, silk-mat anodized aluminum construction

 ✓  Renowned German craftsmanship
 ✓  Dual-color  OnAir  indicator (red/white) for camera statuses

 ✓  OPTION: Wiring according to your choices:

             - mounted XLRs: XLR-5 (lower end), no XLR on upper end
             - open cable ends

 ✓  Various options for table, wall or pole mounting available

 ✓  Compatible with the whole Mika Mounting System


Corresponding to the size of a Mika Mic Arm M, the Mika CamArm is the perfect allrounder in terms of camera arrangements. Its prominent OnAir signal gives you feedback if your camera is on. The camera boom is a great choice to shape working desks or interviewing areas where the distance between camera arm and the "actor" is not higher than 31” (78.7cm).

With the Mika CamArm, there are only a few knurled screws to achieve a secure fit and professional balancing of your camera according to its weight. Therefore, please mount Mika CamStud between your Mika CamArm and your camera to properly affix it. Each Mika CamArm allows you to customize your cameras’s position within seconds. Take full advantage of the given variety of mounting options to tailor your camera setup to your individual needs.

 OnAir : The OnAir indicator provides you with a dual-color (red/white) 360° OnAir light right above your mic to signalize multiple statuses such as OnAir or CameraReady. Just reverse the polarity of the drive voltage and toggle between red and white.

Available CamArm Models

 YT3920 CamArm aluminum/with indicator/open cable ends
 YT3920-XLR CamArm aluminum/with indicator/installed XLR-5
 YT3921 CamArm black/with indicator/open cable ends
 YT3921-XLR CamArm black/with indicator/installed XLR-5