Yellowtec litt Base Controller
Yellowtec litt Base Controller
Yellowtec litt Base Controller
Yellowtec litt Base Controller

Yellowtec litt Base Controller


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Yellowtec litt Base Controller

 YT9100  litt Base Controller aluminum 
 YT9700  litt Base Controller black

  litt Base Controller with mounting surface (aluminum/black)
  litt Universal Mounting Kit
  Cover Cap for top segment
  litt Lighthouse® Configuration Software

 ✓  Fundamental element + control center of your litt
 ✓  Available colosr: aluminum / black
 ✓  Connect up to 5 litt Color Segments + 1 litt Sound Segment

 ✓  Bus control with automatic recognition of litt Segments

 ✓  8-pin terminal block with control inputs for each color (2.4-24W)

 ✓  Configure litt via mini-USB-port + litt Lighthouse® (Windows only)
 ✓  Extraordinarily clean + elegant anodized aluminum look
 ✓  All connecting parts are located inside
 ✓  Dimensions: ø51mm x 45mm  |  Weight: 0.24kg
 ✓  Power supply+execution:
      via switch/potential-free contacts/external logic switch
 ✓  Power requirement Base Controller: 0.5W
 ✓  Power supply (permanent): 9V…24V
 ✓  Includes Universal Mounting Kit for desk mounting  ↪  litt UMK
 ✓  Various alternative mounting and uplifting options available

 ↪  litt Mounting Flange  |  litt Riser  |  litt Spoiler  |  litt Ceiling Suspension

 ✓  Compatible with the m!ka Mounting System



Choose a litt Base Controller as the base element of your litt Signaling Device if you want to mount your litt to your desk, pole or ceiling. Mix up to five litt Color Segments of different colors and sizes  and place them on your Base Controller. Optionally add a litt Sound Segment on top. Mount the Base Controller to surfaces like desks or place it on top of a litt Riser or a m!ka System Pole to lift it up. Choose a litt Ceiling Suspension to mount litt to your ceiling.

litt's Base Controller is equipped with automatic litt Color Segment recognition, individual control inputs for each color (2.4-24VDC) and reverse polarity protection. Its connection panel consists of an 8-pin terminal block and a mini-USB jack. All the connecting parts are located inside, giving it an extraordinarily elegant look.