Wheatstone PSC-PS1600

Wheatstone PSC-PS1600 Power Supply Cable (LXE / GSX)


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Wheatstone PSC-PS1600 Power Supply Cable for LXE and GSX Series

Clean and proper power is key to the great performance you’ve come to expect from Wheatstone. It would be easy to just purchase over-the-counter power supplies for our LXE and GSX console series. But we don’t.

In order to maintain our high level of quality we've designed and built a dedicated separate rackmount supply. We recommend running two power supplies simultaneously as a redundant backup power source.

This 16-foot locking DC cable connects the Surface’s DC jack to one of the 16V DC jacks on the PS-1600 supply.

3 power outlets allows supply to power up to 3 consoles. Each consoles has 2 power input ports to allow redundant power.

If a redundant PS-1600 supply is used, connect this DC cable to the second DC jack.

Power Supply not included