Sage Digital ENDEC Software Update
Sage Digital ENDEC Software Update

Sage Digital ENDEC Software Update

SAGE ENDEC REV95 (installed)

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Sage Digital ENDEC Software Update - REV 95

The new version REV 95.0 for the Sage Digital Endec 3644 is mandatory from now on.


  • Includes FULL installation via team viewer or similar and proof of performance by qualified SAGE Digital ENDEC technician.


NAAD alert format will be changed to eliminate old Endec text fields currently in use because they are now supposed to use the "Broadcast Text" information in the alert.

Once the change happens, all Endecs running version 89.27 or earlier will no longer receive the alert text. The upgrade has been listed as mandatory and will be necessary to maintain Endec compliance.

The new firmware also introduces several new features that add improvements to network security and reduces the number of alert updates delivered.

It is highly recommended to install the V95.0 upgrade as soon as possible, as it upgrades the Endecs to use the new Broadcast Text fields of alerts rather than the Description and Instruction fields which were used for most of the system's life.

There have already been a few cases where an alert was issued and the issuing agency did not do so.

If a station keeps the current firmware and does not upgrade, it will lose textual details of the alerts when the migration of these two domains is completed, possibly in 2023.

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