Paravel Systems WallTime
Paravel Systems WallTime

Paravel Systems WallTime


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Paravel Systems Wall Time Studio Clock

WallTime is a NTP synchronized studio clock and notification system that works with your standard computer monitor or television.  

The clock is kept always in sync using Network Time Protocol (NTP).  It can take the place of stand alone clock systems, notification systems, on-air lights and more.

  • Always Accurate NTP Clock

  • Analog and Digital Clock Displays

  • Show Segment Timer

  • Displays Notifications from Lifewire GPIO

  • Displays Metadata from your Automation System

  • Displays HTML content

  • No PC Required

Complete system ready to connect to your monitor. No PC is required.

Includes WallTime device, power supply, HDMI cable and velcro for attaching to monitor.

For best resolution use with a monitor capable of displaying a resolution of 1920 x 1080 (1080P).  An HDMI input is required.