Broadcast Electronics STXe-2 Transmitter 2KW
Broadcast Electronics STXe-2 Transmitter 2KW
Broadcast Electronics STXe-2 Transmitter 2KW
Broadcast Electronics STXe-2 Transmitter 2KW
Broadcast Electronics STXe-2 Transmitter 2KW
Broadcast Electronics STXe-2 Transmitter 2KW
Broadcast Electronics STXe-2 Transmitter 2KW

Broadcast Electronics STXe-2 Transmitter 2KW


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Broadcast Electronics STXe-2 Transmitter 2KW

Reliability – Redundancy – Audio Quality

When it comes to radio transmission, Broadcast Electronics’ FM transmitters are hard to beat.

Standout features include true proportional VSWR foldback for transmission resiliency and independent IPAs and power supplies that give you full standby power without having to buy another transmitter.

Large, removable panels provide access to every major assembly for quick repair in the unlikely event of a problem, and advanced controllers offer more in-field information than ever.

Features available in all STX Radio Transmitters / Exciters

  • Multiple Audio Inputs with Auto-failover capabilities
  • RDS Generator Built-in (Static and/or Dynamic with TRE)
  • Synchronous FM Compatible
  • Unparalleled Audio Quality
  • AES over Composite / Baseband 192 Capable
  • Next Generation Digital Radio Capable (HD Radio DRM+)
  • SNMP Level III Control and Security
  • Perfect for translators with built-in FSK-ID
  • IP Connectivity with GUI
  • Excellent AC to RF Efficiency
  • Built-In Audio Delay

The STXe-and 3 are the latest in a long line of reliable, efficient, and performance-leading FM transmitters from Broadcast Electronics. 

BE STX Line of Transmitters Expands 

The Broadcast Electronics STX line of solid-state transmitters continues to expand.

Based on the RF technology of the STX 10 and the exciter technology of the STXe and STX LP transmitters, the STXe-and 3 provide unparalleled performance and reliability in their class.

Hot-Pluggable / Front Access Power Supply 

Unique at this power level, the STXe-and 3 include two RF power supply modules that are front accessible and hot-pluggable, providing quick and easy service in the event of a power issue. 

Superior Performance 

The STXe-and 3 are designed to exceed the FM transmitters of the past 

The best in audio quality

SNMP level 3 control and security

Full digital operation-HD compatible


• Audio performance has been a hallmark of BE for decades

• Improved AC to RF efficiency reduces energy costs

• New enhanced GUI provides access to all important transmitter parameters

• SNMP Level 3 Control and Security


• Since 1959, BE has provided equipment to radio broadcasters that is designated to last for the long haul

• Designed and manufactured in the USA, the STX LP line of transmitters has been installed in over 1,400 locations since its introduction

• 2nd Generation design includes updates to power supplies and fans, insuring an even longer transmitter life


• The STX LP Generation is designed for the world’s digital standards and unique applications

• HD Radio®Capable

• Synchronous FM Systems

• IP Connectivity for complete transmitter status


• Unique Exciter and controller design allows the ability to add an optional second controller/ exciter for full redundancy in the event of an exciter or controller failure

• Ideal for N+1 Systems

Key Features and Benefits:
• Best in Audio Quality
• Greater than 70% AC to RF Efficiency
• Hot-Pluggable / Front Access Power Supplies
• IP Connectivity with Superior GUI for anytime, anywhere access
• HD Radio® Compatible

Graphical User Interface - GUI
• With IP connectivity at the transmitter site, the STX LP1 provides all important transmitter operating conditions and control options from a laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

• Three levels of security control are available from “view only” to “complete control,” ensuring secure access for the correct personnel.

HD RADIO HD Solutions from Broadcast Electronics

Broadcast Electronics’ HD Radio transmitters and generators are the choice for a majority of the converted radio stations in the U.S. and a large number of broadcast facilities overseas. Operating efficiency, easy configurability and on-the-fly operability are just a few of the reasons why.

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