Audioarts HS-1 Headphone Amp
Audioarts HS-1 Headphone Amp
Audioarts HS-1 Headphone Amp
Audioarts HS-1 Headphone Amp
Audioarts HS-1 Headphone Amp
Audioarts HS-1 Headphone Amp

Audioarts HS-1 Headphone Amp


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Audioarts HS-1 Headphone Station Amplifier

The Audioarts HS-1 is a tiny ( 2-3/4" by 3-3/4") headphone station designed for broadcast use. It can be used as a free-standing unit or mounted underneath the counter with an optional bracket. 

 This optional bracket secures the HS-1 underneath a countertop using four screws. A mounting template with dimensions and recommended hardware callout is included in the box. 

Performance is clean, quiet and powerful, with wide dynamic range and ruler flat frequency response. The front panel has a 1/4" output phone jack, power LED and rotary level control. An internal HI/LO gain switch lets you match a wide range of input types.

Rear connectors include dual RJ45 parallel inputs and 9VDC power in, that (like the TS-1) multiplies voltage and current to provide GREAT, LOUD sound to headphones of virtually any impedance. Input cable and special 9VDC negative center pin power supply included.

AN INTERNAL GAIN SWITCH allows you to match different input source levels. To access, remove the unit’s two front panel screws using a 1.5mm hex wrench and push the rear connectors in from the back; the circuit card will slide forward out the front. Turn the unit over to view the switch. The factory default setting is LO gain; the HI setting is for situations requiring additional gain. Be aware that excessive volume settings can permanently damage your hearing! (see left, OUTPUT CAPABILITIES)

Audioarts HS-1


GAIN: +5dB default setting, +14dB HI setting


NOISE: -95dBu 20KHz BW, unweighted

MAXIMUM OUTPUT: voltage +20dBu power 180mW current 65mA



WEIGHT: 4oz /113g

DIMENSIONS: 2.75”/ 6.98cm wide, 0.95”/ 2.41cm high, 3.125”/ 7.94 cm deep (rotary knob adds 0.625”/1.59 cm)

UNDERCOUNTER BRACKET: 3.9”/ 9.91cm wide, 2”/ 5.08 cm deep, 0.97”/ 2.46cm high

WIRING is through three rear connectors: twin parallel input RJ45s that follow standard Studio Hub analog audio pinouts (below right), and a 9VDC input jack for the provided power supply (below left). Note the center pin on the power supply is negative. The parallel inputs allow for easy diasy-chaining of a common source signal to multiple HS-1 units.

Audioarts HS-1 Power SUPPLY