Yellowtec MIKA Set 6 : Triple XL Monitor Set
Yellowtec MIKA Set 6 : Triple XL Monitor Set
Yellowtec MIKA Set 6 : Triple XL Monitor Set

Yellowtec MIKA Set 6 : Triple XL Monitor Set


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Yellowtec MIKA Set 6 : Triple XL Monitor Set

SCOPE OF DELIVERY (according to your choices)

✓  2x m!ka Monitor Arm XL   Details
✓  1x m!ka Monitor Arm XS  ↪ Details

✓  m!ka System Pole M 21.5" (54.5cm)   Details
✓  m!ka System Pole Desktop Mounting Kit  ↪ Details
✓  m!ka Briefing Book


 ✓  Combination of multiple m!ka articles
 ✓  Create a setup that integrates 3 monitors with max. 24” each
 ✓  Available colors: aluminum/black

 ✓  Includes a m!ka Pole Desktop Mounting Kit for desk mounting
 ✓  Durable silk-mat anodized aluminum construction

 ✓  Renowned German craftsmanship
 ✓  Feel free to add additional m!ka elements separately
 ✓  Various alternative mounting options are available

❗ Please add your own monitors. They are not included.


As a package option, m!ka Sets facilitate the combination of multiple m!ka elements. m!ka Set 6 covers all the m!ka parts you need to integrate three monitors into your setup. The m!ka Triple XL Monitor Set creates the ideal conditions to easily attach your monitors via VESA75/ VESA100 mount and QuickFix. With m!ka Set 6 you can place three monitors with up to 18” each next to each other.

m!ka Monitor Arms
 ✓  QuickFix Adapter + VESA75/100 for easy + safe monitor fixation

 ✓  Pre-installed hook-in insert rail for fixation on m!ka Pole
 ✓  Mount your preferred monitors with up to 15kg + 18” each

1x m!ka Monitor Arms XS:
 ✓  Max. monitor weight: 15kg  |  Max. range: 10.5cm (4.13”)
2x m!ka Monitor Arms XL:
 ✓  Max. monitor weight: 10kg  |  Max. range: 70.5cm (27.76”)

m!ka System Pole M:

 ✓  Height: 54.5cm (21.5”)   |   ø 51mm
 ✓  m!ka Monitor Arms can be fixed at your preferred height of the pole
 ✓  Internal steal thread at the bottom for pole mounting to your desk

m!ka System Pole Desktop Mounting Kit:

 ✓  Suitable panel thickness: max. 50mm

Available Models of MIKA Set 6 : Triple XL Monitor Set

✓ YT3415   m!ka Set 6 aluminum
✓ YT3845   m!ka Set 6 black