Yellowtec MIKA Pole Safety Stop

Yellowtec MIKA Pole Safety Stop


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Yellowtec MIKA Pole Safety Stop

SCOPE OF DELIVERY (according to your choices)

✓  m!ka Pole Safety Stop

✓  Screw for fixation to m!ka Pole

✓  Allen Key



✓  Optional fixation point of m!ka elements on any m!ka Pole

✓  To secure elements that are mounted to a m!ka Pole

✓  Additional safety to prevent m!ka gear from crashing down

✓  Safety when changing the position of gear attached to a pole

✓  Perfectly fits the groove of any size of m!ka Pole

✓  Dimensions (packaging): 8 x 7 x 0.5cm  |  Weight: 0.015kg

✓  Sturdy silver-colored metal construction

✓  Compatible with any m!ka Pole of your choice


The m!ka Pole Safety Stop is developed to further secure your equipment which is fixed to a m!ka Pole. It provides additional safety and prevents your m!ka gear from crashing down your m!ka Pole – especially whenever you adjust your gear’s position. Use it with any m!ka System Pole or m!ka Wall Mount Pole.

Simply insert the m!ka Safety Stop inside your m!ka Pole’s groove. Place it below your attached m!ka equipment and fix the m!ka Safety Stop at your desired height with the included screw.

Available MIKA Pole Safety Stop Model

✓ YT3222  MIKA Pole Safety Stop