Yellowtec MIKA Plastic Sleeve (10x)

Yellowtec MIKA Plastic Sleeve (10x)


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Yellowtec MIKA Plastic Sleeve (10x)

SCOPE OF DELIVERY (according to your choices)

✓  10x m!ka Plastic Sleeve (Polybag)


✓  Spare parts

✓  Buffer between m!ka Arms and their various plug-in adapters
✓  Cover for the metal sting at the bottom of any m!ka Arm
✓  Needed for mounting m!ka Mic Arms, m!ka EasyLift, m!ka Studiolight

❗ Never use a m!ka Arm without attaching a plastic sleeve
✓  For mechanical and acoustic decoupling

✓  Secures a proper fit of any m!ka Arm with slide-in mounts

✓  Secures a proper fit of any m!ka Arm on top of a m!ka Pole

✓  Perfectly fits the central thread of any m!ka Pole
✓  Dimensions (packaging): 17 x 12.5 x 3cm  |  Weight: 0.07kg

✓  Sturdy black plastic construction

✓  Compatible with any m!ka Mic Arm
✓  Compatible with any m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arm


The m!ka Plastic Sleeve is needed to fit any m!ka arm smoothly into the various mounting adapters. Please always make sure that the bolt at the bottom of each m!ka Mic Arm and m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arm has its black m!ka Plastic Sleeve on. You need the sleeve to secure a smooth fit and perfect hold of your m!ka arm.

m!ka Plastic Sleeves come in a polybag including 10 pieces that serve as spare parts. When ordering one of the m!ka arms, there is already a m!ka Plastic Sleeve attached to your arms metal sting.

Available MIKA Plastic Sleeve (10x) Model

✓ YT3247  MIKA Plastic Sleeve (10x)