Yellowtec MIKA Bushing
Yellowtec MIKA Bushing
Yellowtec MIKA Bushing

Yellowtec MIKA Bushing


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Yellowtec MIKA Bushing

SCOPE OF DELIVERY (according to your choices)

✓  m!ka Bushing

✓  Washer
✓  Spring washer
✓  Corresponding nut for fixation


 ✓  Plug-in mount for desk mounting of a m!ka arm
 ✓  To mount one m!ka arm to any position on your table
❗ Not compatible with m!ka Poles.
 ✓  Suitable as variable mounting point
 ✓  Suitable panel thickness: < 45mm

❗ Your desk’s plate must be accessible from below
 ✓  To secure proper upright positioning, drill a hole with ø22mm
 ✓  ø Bushing: 51mm

 ✓  Dimensions (packaging): 11 x 7 x 7cm  |  Weight: 0.21kg

 ✓  Sturdy silver stainless-steal construction
 ✓  Compatible with m!ka Microphone Arms
❗  Not compatible with m!ka Microphone Arm TV
 ✓  Compatible with m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arms


The m!ka Bushing is one of the plug-in options to mount a m!ka Arm to your desk. It can be combined with a m!ka Microphone Arm or m!ka EasyLift Monitor Arm. 
Use the stainless steel Bushing to fix your m!ka Arm to your desk by drilling a hole with ø 22mm and fastening its position with a washer, spring washer and nut from underneath your desk. Then slide-in your choice of m!ka Arm.

Available MIKA Bushing Model

✓ YT3211  MIKA Bushing