Wheatstone Sideboard 4
Wheatstone Sideboard 4
Wheatstone Sideboard 4
Wheatstone Sideboard 4

Wheatstone Sideboard 4


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Wheatstone Sideboard 4

A complete mini-mixer in a turret or rackmount form factor, Sideboard is perfect for newsrooms, guest talent, interviews – any application that’s too small for a full size console.

The software utility mixers that are built into each one of Wheatstone’s WheatNet-IP Intelligent Network BLADEs have become so popular that the next logical move was to create a hardware package that controls them. That’s exactly what Sideboard is.

Having access to everything you need in a convenient, tiny size, makes a difference to your workflow. Since each WheatNet-IP BLADE is, in effect, a 16 x 16 mixing router, you can now have control over that capability in a 7” high rackmount unit with about the same footprint as a computer keyboard.


  • Available in a tabletop side unit

  • 4 faders with ON/OFF switches

  • PGM and AUD busses

  • Source selector with rotary encoder and display

  • 20-segment stereo LED bargraph metering

  • Headphone output with amplifier and level control

  • Six programmable buttons

  • Works in conjunction with any WheatNet-IP BLADE

Six Programmable Buttons:


The Sideboard come with six programmable buttons. With them, you can do just about anything you can think of. Fire salvos, trigger logic, switch meter functions, etc. We provide some common scripts, but generally, if you can think of it and script it, you can do it. 

Source Select:

Any input on the network can be called up on any of the Sideboard

The Sideboard has an 8-digit LCD


This makes all of these units very powerful little control surfaces.

Front Panel Headphone Jacks:

All Sideboard have front-mounted headphone jacks 1/8, and control over headphone volume. 


SideBoard Rack Preliminary Spec Sheet

Using Tallies on the SideBoard

SideBoard Owner's Manual