Wheatstone XYE-R-IP Controller

Wheatstone XYE-R-IP Controller


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Wheatstone XYE-R-IP Controller for WheatNet-IP Audio Network

This is a single rack unit Ethernet based XY router controller. Available sources and destinations can be programmed through the XYE-R-IP front panel to avoid accidental switching errors.

XYE-R-IP is an easy-to-use rackmount unit that facilitates audio and logic cross-point control of a WheatNet-IP audio network. The unit connects to any host BLADE in the system via the Ethernet connection and provides customizable routing of audio or logic. Source and Destination screen display user-defined signal lists that give the broadcast engineer tight control over access to system resources.


  • Can act as source selectors for rack room or desktop speakers, control room-to-air chain selectors, recorder source selectors – the possibilities are endless!