Tieline TieServer Console Software
Tieline TieServer Console Software
Tieline TieServer Console Software
Tieline TieServer Console Software

Tieline TieServer Console Software


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Tieline TieServer Console Software

For Admin Management Of Your Report-IT Enterprise User Accounts

With the TieServer Console broadcast networks can centrally manage Report-IT Enterprise users from the studio using cloud computing concepts to confi gure, manage and secure all live connections across their IP networks. With a TieServer Console subscription:

Configure all Report-IT user accounts using a secure, independently hosted global server network, with multiple global backups.

• Add codecs to your domain using their serial number and MAC address.

• Create and manage all user accounts with default and unique connection preferences.

Confi gure different options for sharing audio recordings using FTP, NETIA Radio-Assist or Burli.

• Implement best practice network security by never revealing IP networking details to reporters, journalists and guests.

How does an Administrator Configure User Accounts?

Tieline will create an administrator account and domain name for your network on TieServer. Then enter the username and password supplied by Tieline to log in to your administrator account and confi gure user accounts via the following options:

• Download the The TieServer Console application for iOS devices.
• Download the TieServer Console application for Android devices.
• Log in to the PC/Mac TieServer Console (additional annual subscription).

Simple Connections with VIP-Connect

VIP-Connect within the TieServer Console allows users to securely log in and launch Report-IT Enterprise with a single touch, without entering username and password credentials.

Using the PC/Mac version of the Tieserver Console, simply configure unique URLs for each Report-IT Enterprise user account. Send the URL to a reporter or guest and they simply:

Install the iOS or Android Report-IT Enterprise app for FREE
• Click the URL to automatically log in to the Report-IT Enterprise app and configure all settings.

• Tap ‘connect’ to securely dial the studio codec. You can maintain the highest level of network security by individually controlling the effective life of every URL created

Is TieServer Unique to Report-IT?

Each TieServer Domain has unique administrator login credentials and codecs can be added to a domain using the TieServer Console. TieServer is not just used for Report-IT.
It is also used by other Tieline software tools including the Cloud Codec Controller and TieLink Traversal Server.

The diagram outlines the relationship between a TieServer Domain and Tieline’s software products; TieLink, the TieServer Console, and the Cloud Codec Controller

All Software Tools

The illustration below explains the differences between the Cloud Codec Controller, TieLink & TieServer Console and how they work together.

Note: Tieline Codecs are registered to a network's unique TieServer Domain via TieLink, or the TieServer Console