Tieline Cloud Codec Controller Software

Tieline Cloud Codec Controller Software


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Tieline Cloud Codec Controller Software

The Cloud Codec Controller lets you manage an entire fl eet of Tieline codecs and all Report-IT users in real-time from the studio, even when connected to cellular and Wi-Fi networks!

Tieline’s Cloud Codec Controller delivers a simple user interface to confi gure, connect and manage your entire network of Tieline codecs and all Report-IT Enterprise users from a single PC located anywhere in the world.

It doesn’t matter whether the remote device is connected via a LAN or cellular networks; the Cloud Codec Controller integrates with Tieserver and the latest cloud computing technologies to deliver secure real-time monitoring and remote control of all Gateway, ViA, Merlin, Genie and Bridge-IT codecs, as well as smartphones using Report- IT Enterprise.

How does it work?The Cloud Codec Controller immediately detects the presence of Tieline codecs, or smartphones running the Report-IT Enterprise app, when they connect to the internet over an Ethernet or wireless data connection. This allows engineers to remotely control live connections from the comfort of the studio, at home, or anywhere they have internet connectivity.

What can the Cloud Codec Controller do?

We understand the significant time and resource pressures facing broadcast engineers today and recognize that remote control is a powerful time-saving tool for broadcasters.

The Cloud Codec Controller will instantly deliver:

- Real time online and offl ine status of Tieline codecs and users logged into Report-IT Enterprise.

- Monitoring of connection status, link quality and audio levels.

- Remote adjustment of audio levels.

- The ability to dial and hang-up remote codec connections from the studio.

Monitor and control your entire network of IP codecs, select and load programs and view and manage alarms. Launch the HTML Toolbox web-GUI for each codec to create and edit programs, access all encoding, mixer and routing settings, view alarms and much more.

Unparalleled Remote Control of Report-IT

At the studio use the Cloud Codec Controller to remotely connect and disconnect individual Report-IT Enterprise users after they launch the app. Start and stop recordings, monitor and adjust input and record levels, lock and unlock controls and observe link quality.

Use VIP-Connect to send a secure Report-IT Enterprise URL to a reporter or contributor to automatically launch the app and log in. Then use the Cloud Codec Controller to go live with full remote control in a single click!

Control your entire network from anywhere in the world...

The Network View tab provides a dynamic overview of your entire codec network and can be confi gured to refl ect your network’s connection workflow.

Position codecs and group them geographically to reflect their locations within your network. Click and drag to move them around the screen and reposition them as required.

As you add more codecs the workspace automatically expands to fit more codecs.

View input and return audio PPMs and monitor IP statistics in real-time to maintain mission critical connections. The system also delivers detailed alarm and fault detection features, which work seamlessly in conjunction with Tieline’s multi-layered IP redundancy strategies. This makes it is easier than ever before to contain costs and maintain rock solid connections over IP.

How to buy the Cloud Codec Controller?

Tieline offers two versions of licensing for the Cloud Codec Controller:

1. A Public Internet License uses TieServer to confi gure, connect and manage Tieline codecs connected to the public internet. A low annual subscription includes 10 Codec Client Licenses for managing up to 10 codecs remotely; additional Licenses can be purchased in packs of 10.

2. A Private Network License allows an administrator to monitor their Tieline codecs over a private network for a low one-time fee.

Contact us at MMV for purchasing information or to apply for a free demo.

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The illustration below explains the differences between the Cloud Codec Controller, TieLink & TieServer Console and how they work together.

Note: Tieline Codecs are registered to a network's unique TieServer Domain via TieLink, or the TieServer Console