Tieline Bridge-IT PRO
Tieline Bridge-IT PRO
Tieline Bridge-IT PRO

Tieline Bridge-IT PRO

Bridge-IT PRO (TLB5100PRO)

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The Ultimate Affordable
High-performance stereo IP audio codec

Tieline’s Bridge-IT is the ultimate affordable, high-performance, stereo IP audio codec solution for broadcast and professional applications. Designed to deliver point-to-point or multi-point connections, Bridge-IT transports audio streams reliably, simply and effectively over a range of managed and unmanaged wired IP data networks, such as LANs, WANs and the internet.

Expand your IP network at a fraction of the cost of competing IP codecs, without compromising on quality or broadcast quality features. Multi-unicast in stereo to up to 6 different end-points from a single codec and reduce capital expenditure across your broadcast network.

  • Studio-to-Transmitter Link (STL) applications
  • Studio-to-Studio Link (SSL) applications
  • Point-to-Point IP audio distribution
  • Multi-point IP audio distribution
  • Simple mono and stereo remote broadcast links
  • Cable Head End IP Audio Distribution
  • Low-latency audio over IP bridging solutions
  • Multiple codec installations (2 codecs fit in 1 x 19” rack unit)