Shively Versa2une SLV-1

Shively Versa2une SLV-1


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Shively Versa2une (SLV) Low Power Antenna

Designed for low power applications. This antenna is assembled and tuned on site. The versatility of the design will let you retune the antenna to another frequency if needed. It is lightweight and has low wind loading. We manufacture this system in the USA with stainless steel construction for durability.

  • Economical- perfect for translators, campus, standby, aux and religious broadcasters
  • True Circular Polarization
  • No Pressurization Needed
  • Designed for Easy Mounting

Performance Specifications

  • Polarization: Right Circular
  • VSWR: 1.1:1 If tuned with transmitter metering
    for minimum reflected power.
    1.2:1 if tuned with mechanical dimensions
    and tuning data chart supplied.
  • Azimuth Pattern Circularity: Horizontal component + 1.5 dB on Pole
  • Input Connection: 7/16 DIN Male for a single bay, 7/8″ EIA female for multiple bays


SLV Full-wave Spaced

No. of Bays Elevation Gain Gain Power Rating
Power db Power db kW
SLV-1 (1 element) 0.45 -3.421 0.65 -1.19 2.5
SLV-2 (2 elements) 0.997 -0.014 1.40 1.46 5
SLV-4 (4 elements) 2.16 3.343 3.00 4.77 5
SLV-6 (6 elements) 3.36 5.266 4.64 6.67 5


Frequency range: Field tunable 87.5-108 MHz
VSWR: <1.1:1 if tuned with transmitter metering for minimum reflected power.
<1.2:1 if tuned with mechanical dimensions and tuning chart
Azimuth circular polarity: Horizontal component +/- 1.5 dB on pole
Polarization: Circular
Maximum input power: 5 kW total (2.5 kW per element).
Bay-to-bay spacing: 3.0 m
Input connector on feedline cable 7/16 DIN male for single element, 7/8" EIA female on power divider for multiple element arrays
Standard mounting: Designed to attach to a customer-supplied 38 mm-90 mm OD pipe.
Power dividers: As required. Feed cables will be EC4-50 or equivalent with DIN terminations.



  • Full and ½ Wave
  • HP Input on 4 and 6 Bay Systems
  • Radomes (link to tech sheet)
  • Assembly in factory
  • Reusable transportation case

Replacement Parts

  • Power Divider 2-way  (p/n 99332-G502)
  • Power Divider 4-way  (p/n 99385-G501)
  • Power Divider 6-way  (p/n 078F-716DX6)
  • Cables 10′ (p/n 99349-G511)
  • Cables 20′ (p/n 99349-G520)
  • Bay

Typical Elevation Patterns:

These patterns are based on 98.1 MHz, no beam tilt, no null fill. Contact factory for your customized elevation pattern

SLV Elevation Patterns Full-wave Spaced

SLV Elevation Patterns Half-wave Spaced

Sample Azimuth Patterns for Shively Series SLV FM Antenna
NOTE: Model SLV is not a directional antenna.

No Factory personnel needed for installation. Please read the installation manual in full before assembly on site.

Dimensional Drawing : SLV-2R

Installation Manuals : im-SLV 1-6