Comrex ACCESS NX Rack
Comrex ACCESS NX Rack

Comrex ACCESS NX Rack


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Comrex ACCESS NX Rack

A rackmount IP audio codec featuring AES67 for the modern studio

ACCESS NX Rack features completely redesigned hardware, allowing for AES67, AES3 or analog audio I/O. NX Rack can connect to Wi-Fi and 4G modems, and supports a wide range of connection protocols and audio encoders. It’s driven via a new HTML5-based web user interface. ACCESS NX Rack is backward-compatible with all Comrex IP audio codecs and the Comrex FieldTap smartphone app.


    • AES67, AES3 and analog audio I/O
    • HTML5-based user interface
    • EBU 3326/SIP mode for compatibility
    • CrossLock for secure and stable broadcasting
    • Switchboard for easier connectivity
    • Compatible with all Comrex ACCESS & BRIC-Link models
    • EBU 3326/SIP mode for third-party compatibility
    • Free firmware updates
    • Top-notch technical support (English & Spanish)
    • 100% designed & built in the USA at our facility in Devens, Mass.
    • One year manufacturer’s warranty
    • Compatible with Gagl – a new audio service that turns your codec into a hub for up to five guests (optional subscription)
    • Fleet Commander for controlling your Comrex IP audio codec fleet (optional add-on)
    • HotSwap mode to set up a secondary backup cellular network (modem sold separately)

Audio Connections:

    • Balanced XLR line-level audio inputs – 0dBu nominal, +20dBu peak
    • Balanced XLR line-level audio outputs – 0dBu nominal, +20dBu peak
    • AES3 XLR Digital audio input
    • AES3 XLR Digital audio output

    Exceptional CrossLock VPN Technology

    When used in “bonding” mode, CrossLock gives users the ability to manage and bond multiple data connections together simultaneously. When a new network is introduced, CrossLock will immediately evaluate how much bandwidth is available, while factoring in latency and jitter information, and combine the two connections to take advantage of all available bandwidth. In Redundant mode, all data will be sent over all networks.

    CrossLock also monitors each data connection individually and applies appropriate error correction, recovery, or concealment techniques as needed. It’s quite simply the most advanced network management tool on the market today.

    Learn more about CrossLock

    Switchboard TS for NAT Traversal

    Comrex Switchboard was created to make it easy to make connections between Comrex IP codecs. This is especially important when broadcasting over networks that have firewalls and routers and other IT snags. Switchboard allows your codec to sync with a cloud-based server, making it possible to connect without having to know the IP addresses on either end of the link.     

    Switchboard saves all the details of the codecs subscribed to the server so that, when it’s time to connect, you don’t have to enter any information – you can just choose the codec you want to connect to from a menu and hit a button.

    Switchboard is included in the purchase of any Comrex ACCESS IP audio codec.

    Learn more about Switchboard TS

    Configuration & Control

    NX Rack is controlled with an easy-to-use browser based interface. Using any HTML5-enabled browser, you can log-in from anywhere to manage settings, adjust controls, and monitor connections. The page displays connection status, extensive network diagnostics, and audio level meters for remote monitoring. From any location, users are able to configure profiles for various connections with point-and-click connection commands.

    In addition to the web GUI, Codec Commander is a Windows-based application you can use to control your audio codec. You can manage connections, check statistics, view audio metering, adjust audio profiles or change system settings.

    Codec Commander is free to download and use. For controlling multiple Comrex IP audio codecs once, check out Fleet Commander (paid upgrade).

    HotSwap for Cellular Backup

    HotSwap allows users to back up studio-to-transmitter links (STL) or other dedicated links with a wireless modem. For ACCESS codecs like NX Rack, any supported modem can be used as a back-up.

    HotSwap lets users select a network that will only be engaged if the primary network fails. The system will warn of this status with a contact closure, and automatically fallback to the primary once it’s restored. Fall-over to backup happens in a matter of seconds, and fallback is seamless.

    HotSwap is included in firmware v4.3 and higher. Visit the NX Rack support page for current firmware. Contact the techies with any questions.

    Learn more about HotSwap

    Fleet Commander

    Fleet Commander is a Windows-based application for controlling multiple Comrex IP audio codecs simultaneously. Rather than logging into each codec individually and juggling a desktop full of tabs, Fleet Commander puts you in control of your codec fleet through one unified interface.

    This easy-to-use tool contains all of the functionality of the web-based interface plus a few extra features like active metering and the ability to copy peers and profiles between codecs, making it a MUST-have for busy broadcast engineers.

    More on Fleet Commander

    Fleet Commander is available as a one-time purchase of a license key per computer. Contact us to purchase a Fleet Commander license today.

    Fleet Commander



    Audio Connections:

      • Balanced XLR line-level audio inputs – 0dBu nominal, +20dBu peak
      • Balanced XLR line-level audio outputs – 0dBu nominal, +20dBu peak
      • AES3 XLR Digital audio input
      • AES3 XLR Digital audio output
      • Analog/AES3 switch only on input

    Audio Levels

      • Audio input level: 0 dBu nominal, +20dBu peak
      • Audio output level: 0 dBu nominal, +20dBu peak

    Other Connections

      • 2x Ethernet Ports: 1000 baseT
      • Contact Closures: DB-9 male (contact closure cable sold separately)
      • Serial Port: DB-9 female (serial cable sold separately)
      • Power: 3 conductor IEC
      • 2x USB
      • HDMI
      • Display Port

    Power and Physical

      • Internal Supply: 120/240 VAC 60/50 Hz 50 Watts
      • Size: 1U Rack – 19″ W x 9″ D x 1.75″ H (48.25 cm x 22.86 cm x 4.5 cm)
      • Weight: 9 lbs (4 kg)