Audioarts Lion Audio Processor
Audioarts Lion Audio Processor
Audioarts Lion Audio Processor
Audioarts Lion Audio Processor

Audioarts Lion Audio Processor


<tc>Prix régulier</tc> $3,600.00

Audioarts Lion WheatNet-IP FM/HD Audio Processor

At last, an affordable FM/HD audio processor with the algorithm prowess for transforming highly compressed source music into a more robust, dynamic listener experience on any device, anywhere.  

New  FM/HD audio processor with the algorithm prowess to deliver the best on-air quality, even from highly compressed source material.

To deliver airy highs, a smooth midrange, and deep lows you can feel, this low-cost, half rack sized FM/HD audio processor uses Wheatstone’s advanced next-gen multiband AGC and limiting/clipping algorithms developed specifically for today’s source content and listening devices.

The Audioarts Lion includes stereo enhance, RDS, and Wheatstone SystemLink™ for transporting the entire MPX and HD audio signals, including RDS, maintaining perfect FM/HD alignment across any high-speed data link.

  • Absolute peak control with minimal IM distortion, no matter how much HF energy you throw at it. The Lion’s new and improved Limitless Clipper delivers crisp, clean highs with no splashiness. 

  • The right amount and type of processing brings out the silkiest highs and deepest lows possible. Every function in the Lion processing chain educates the other functions in the chain, delivering precision processing when and where needed in order to maximize audio quality for the listener.

  • Smear-free and stunning stereo, thanks to Lion’s intelligent stereo enhancement feature that dynamically and artistically enhances the stereo soundfield.

  • Bass that you can actually feel! Lion builds on Wheatstone’s legendary Bass Management System, revealing low frequency nuances in source material for the deepest, boldest bass possible.

  • Precision audio level management using Wheatstone’s improved intelligent AGC achieves perfectly balanced dynamics and presence in any listening environment.  

  • Full suite of static and dynamic RDS features; ingests data from any automation system.

  • Supports European ITU.BS-412 MPX power regulations and Wheatstone® baseband192 for 192kHz AES3 digital MPX link to the transmitter. 

  • Includes Wheatstone SystemLink™ for transporting the entire MPX and HD audio signals, including RDS, maintaining prefect FM/HD alignment across any high-speed data link.