Audioarts DML-8 Verse
Audioarts DML-8 Verse

Audioarts DML-8 Verse


<tc>Prix régulier</tc> $6,500.00

Audioarts DML-8 Verse Broadcast 8 Channel Digital Console

Shipping this summer...(Prelimenary Information)

A True Broadcast Console…in a Tiny Package

Conserve studio space. The DML-8 is one of our most capable standalone console in a compact footprint yet. It fits anywhere your laptop computer does for on-air, production, podcasting or remotes.

The new Audioarts DML-8 small design is a great choice for small studios and production rooms due to its compact footprint, professional features, and attractive price. Now, with a USB interface, this same small console is able to send and receive audio from devices such as digital audio workstations, playout systems, and automation systems.

The DML-8 is ideal for remotes, small on-air studios, web streaming, production, or any situation where a compact, low-cost, highly capable radio console is needed.

The DML-8 covers all the basics: two mic inputs, five AES Digital stereo line inputs, Three stereo program busses, a 3 VU metering bridge and monitoring section usually found only in larger boards, cue output, muting, and a built-in headphone amp.

Small, so it can easily be used in a tight space such as a news or voice tracking booth, or on remotes. Rugged, built to Wheatstone/Audioarts’ usual high standards to last and last.

DML-8 is surprisingly inexpensive, so it fits any budget. You don’t have to give up features or scrimp on the quality you need. Sometimes a powerful, compact broadcast console is exactly what you need. The Audioarts DML-8 is it.


  • 2 Microphone Level Input Faders
  • 5 AES Digital Stereo Input Faders
  • 1 Caller Fader with Mix Minus
  • 1 USB Input Fader
  • 3 Stereo Program Busses
  • 1/8" Headphone Jack
  • Cue Speaker, Split Cue
  • External Monitor Input
  • 3 VU Meter Bridge
  • On-Air Tally
  • RJ-45 Wiring
  • HPS-516 External Power Supply & Cable
  • Optional WNIP Interface not included