Armada Galeos Series 6 Surge Protector
Armada Galeos Series 6 Surge Protector
Armada Galeos Series 6 Surge Protector
Armada Galeos Series 6 Surge Protector

Armada Galeos Series 6 Surge Protector


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Armada Galeos Series 6 Surge Protector

At Armada we understand that risking the loss of your data and investments is not an option. That’s why we offer high-end security solutions to prevent any potential electrical damage or data losses.

Armada protectors can connect to any control system within your company. No need to move to check their status, you are informed directly on your platform.

The reliability of the Armada protector is guaranteed by the Power Pressure Technology, a patented and unique technology which provides an electrical grid connection 100 times longer than its competitors thanks to a design without fuse or electronic circuit. Our expertise allows us continual protection of your equipments.

« Do not let your UPS get the hit.The Armada product will store the excess of energy up to the equivalent of a lightning strike to allow the UPS to complete its task without interruption. »

Because it stores the surplus energy of your network, the Armada Surge Protector removes the risk of being out of service during minor events. It also ensures that your devices will be fully operational in case of a catastrophic event.

The benifits of our protectors:

  • Prevent fire hazards due to surges
  • Protect against system failures and shutdowns
  • Extend the life of your equipment
  • Ensure the safety of people in the surrounding area
  • Reduce maintenance costs

Do not take any more risks

The non-fuse nor electronic circuit design of the Galeos range guarantees the exceptional effi ciency and reliability of our protectors. The Armada has been designed to contain the short circuit generated by a major surge, store this abnormal energy, and then dissipate it safely.

How does it work ?

Without oxygen or combustion, the chemical in our components increases the MOV (metal oxide varistor) capacity while absorbing the shock of power. This system transforms electrical energy into kinetic energy.