Inovonics 541
Inovonics 541

Inovonics 541


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Inovonics 541 FM Modulation Monitor


The 541 incorporates all the features for station setup, regulatory compliance, and remote monitoring. The 5-inch LCD Touch Screen, displays essential modulation data graphically on the front panel, or can be viewed remotely via Web.


  • Unexcelled off-air reception of analog-FM broadcasts with highly-accurate displays of total modulation and other measurements, even in the presence of on-channel or adjacent-channel HD Radio carriers at any level.

  • Intuitive, menu-driven setup from the front panel, or remote setup and operation with the built-in Webserver that may be addressed over any IP network by computer or mobile device. The 541 supports full SNMP remote control and monitoring.

  • Graphic front-panel and remote display of all level metering; FFT spectrum analysis of IF passband, MPX baseband and program audio; oscilloscope display of program audio and stereo XY.

  • Alarms for a range of signal faults, with tallies and SMS/text or email message dispatches to specific individuals for various alarm conditions. All alarms are logged chronologically as well.

  • Analog, AES3-digital, HTTP/UDP Web-streaming and independent AoIP-streaming program audio outputs, plus an FM composite/MPX baseband output.

  • The BandScanner™ utility scans the FM spectrum and displays each station with its signal level, PI code and call sign.

  • StationRotation™ mode enables automatic sequential monitoring of multiple station presets.

  • Collects and logs a history-over-time of FM and audio signal parameters.

  • Accurate program loudness measurement to the human perception ITU-R BS.1770 (‘LU’) loudness specification.

  • Stays on-channel and retains measurement setups through signal and power losses.