Broadcast Tools HPA-4 Plus

Broadcast Tools HPA-4 Plus
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HPA-4 Plus

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4 Channel Headphone Amplifier with Talkback/Cue

The HPA-4 Plus with talkback/cue and a front panel monaural switch, powers up to four sets of headphones. Each output is supplied with a hefty stereo amplifier and may be configured to accept talkback/cue audio on the left headphone with a simple contact closure to ground. Front and rear panel T/R/S jacks are provided with each output, along with front panel level controls. The stereo balanced input is adjustable with the front panel master level control and monaural switch, while the balanced monaural talkback input is equipped with a rear panel trimmer. Additional features include power, talkback/cue active and program audio activity front panel LED indicators, and surge protected internal bi-polar 15-vdc-power supply affording superior headroom and high definition audio. The HPA-4 Plus is equipped with two power jacks allowing one wall transformer to power two units. The half rack profile allows the unit to be set on a desktop, mounted on a wall or as part of the new RA-1, Rack-Able mounting shelf.

The optional HR-1 may be purchased to provide 1/8" and 1/4" remote headphone jacks with level control, momentary push button and Mic ON LED. The HR-1 may be desktop mounted, under counter or with the optional HR-1/MP or HR-1/MP-XLR mounting plates, which may be turret mounted. Two rear panel 1/4" jacks are provided allowing the daisy chaining of units.


Input Level: +4dBu nominal.

Input Impedance: 20K ohms balanced, 10 K unbalanced.

Frequency Response: 20Hz – 20 kHz, +/- .25dB

Distortion: .004% nominal

Noise: -82dB.

Output Level: Depends on the headphone impedance.

Output Impedance: 10 ohms, unbalanced. 24 to 600 ohm headphones.

Talkback/Cue Control: Contact closure to ground or DC voltage between 5 & 24


Connectors: 1/4“ T/R/S jacks and plug-in euroblock connectors.

Power: 16 Vac @ 600ma. 120 Vac 50-60 hz transformer, supplied.

Two HPA-4 Plus’s may be powered by one transformer.

(CE 240 Vac 50-60 Hz optional)

Size: 1/2 rack space, 8.50” x 6.50” x 1.55” (WDH), painted chassis

with 4 – 6-32 mounting holes.

Weight: 2.0 lb.

Options: RA-1, Rack Shelf. 1 RU (holds two HPA-4 Plus’s).

HR-1, Remote Enclosure

HR-1/MP, Mounting Plate

NR-1/MP-XLR, mounting plate with female XLR hole

Broadcast Tools HPA-4 Plus